The Catholic University of America

 Committee on Budget and Planning 

The Committee on Budget and Planning participates in an advisory capacity to the preparation of the University's annual operating budget and in the formulation and interpretation of the Administration's budgetary policies (Faculty Handbook, Jun 2006, I.A.4a). The date in parentheses reflects the beginning of the current three-year term.

Prof. Marc Sebrechts, Chair, Psychology, Arts & Sciences ( Jan 2015)

Prof. Nader Namazi, Electrical Engineering ( Jan. 2015)

Prof. Sharyn Battersby, Music (Nov. 2015)

Prof. Joyce Johnson, Nursing (Sept. 2016)

Prof. William Loewe, Theology & Religious Studies (Jan. 2015)

Prof. Alex Russo, Media Studies, Arts & Sciences (Jan. 2015)

Prof. Mike Williams, Business and Economics (Sept. 2016)

Prof. Beth Edinger, Law (Sept. 2016)