The Catholic University of America

 Academic Services

The Committee on Academic Services is responsible for overseeing and reporting to the Senate on the various activities in the University that directly serve and support the academic program. Among the most important of these are the University library resources, enrollment management, and computer and technology support. Distance learning initiatives will also be within the jurisdiction of this committee. (approved by the Academic Senate 4/15/10). The date in parentheses reflects the beginning of the current three-year term.

Prof. A.G. Harmon, Law (2016)

Prof. Janet Selway, Nursing (2016), Chair

Prof. Brendan Rich, Psychology, School of Arts & Sciences (2016)

Prof. Margaret Ann Kassen, Modern Languages, School of Arts & Sciences (2016)

Prof. Thomas Cohen, History, Arts & Sciences (2016)

Prof. James Hampton, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (2017)

Dr. William Daniel, Canon Law (2018)

Mr. Stephan Connaghan, University Libraries (2017)

Mr. Matthew McNally, Technology Services (2016)