The Catholic University of America

The Senate Committee on Faculty Economic Welfare (CoFEW)

The Committee on Faculty Economic Welfare (CoFEW) addresses concerns of and about the faculty of The Catholic University of America. It reports directly to the Academic Senate, and through this website, to the faculty. The committee and this website can fulfill a limited but nonetheless focused and important role. The purpose of this website is:

  • To facilitate two-way communication between faculty members and the university administration on issues related to faculty economic welfare.
  • To serve as an informational resource for faculty members of the Catholic University of America who want to learn more about issues related to their economic welfare.

For official information or information of a more general nature, The Catholic University of America has a Human Resources department, headed by Associate Vice President Christine Peterson (ext 5050), that strives to meet the economic welfare needs of the faculty community. Faculty members are urged to check the HR webpages regularly for updates and opportunities.


To learn more about the CoFEW, the issues on its agenda, or to leave a comment, please click on any of the links listed below.


  • Faculty Welfare News, the latest information and time-sensitive updates
  • Forum, a chat room for faculty members' comments and postings


CoFEW Meetings