The Catholic University of America

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the agenda of the Senate, and, generally, overseeing its functioning. The Committee comprises the Provost, the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Senate, the Chair of the Committee on Committees and Rules, and two Members, nominated by the Committee on Committee and Rules, and elected by the Senate at its last meeting during the academic year for a term of one year. The Chair of the Senate is the Chair of the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Senate reports to the Senate at the commencement of each of its meeting on the deliberations and decisions of the Executive Committee. Approved by the Academic Senate 4/15/10.

Dr. Andrew V. Abela, Provost, ex officio

Dr. Patrick Tuite, Chair of the Senate, ex officio Chair

Dr. Kurt Martens, Vice Chair of the Senate, ex officio 

Dr. Ann Corsi, Chair of CCR, ex officio

Prof. Mary Leary, Law, elected AY 2018-2019

Dr. Joseph Shields, National Catholic School of Social Service, reelected AY 2018-2019