The Catholic University of America

The Committee on Faculty Economic Welfare

The Committee on Faculty Economic Welfare makes recommendations to the Academic Senate concerning the economic welfare of faculty members. (Faculty Handbook, June 2006, I.A.4.a)

The date shown in parentheses reflects the beginning of the current three-year term. 

Prof. Kurt Martens, Associate Professor, Canon Law, Chair (2016)

Prof. Janice Agazio, Associate Professor, Nursing (2016)

Prof. Jean De Groot, Ordinary Professor, Philosophy (2017)

Prof. Eleanor Holdridge, Associate Professor, Drama, Arts & Sciences (2016)

Prof. Leon Hutton, Lecturer, Metropolitian School of Professional Studies (2017)

Prof. David Lipton, Ordinary Professor, Columbus School of Law (2017)

Prof. Julius Levine, Ordinary Professor, School of Architecture and Planning (2017)

Prof. Chad Pecknold, Associate Professor, School of Theology and Religius Studies (2017)

Prof. Linda Plitt Donaldson, Associate Professor, National Catholic School of Social Service (2016)

Prof. Reza Saidi, Associate Professor, Busch School of Business (2016)

Prof. Caroline Sherman, Associate Professor, History, Arts and Sciences (2019)

Prof. Zhaoyang Weng, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering (2018)