The Catholic University of America

Committee on the Faculty Handbook

The Committee on the Faculty Handbook continually evaluates the provisions of the Faculty Handbook and the manner by which these provisions are being implemented. If on the basis of this evaluation the committee determines that revisions are needed, the committee will prepare and recommend revisions of the Handbook for approval by the Senate, the President and the Board of Trustees. (approved by the Academic Senate 4/15/10)

The date in parentheses reflects the beginning of the current three-year term.

Rev. Robert Kaslyn,S.J., Chair, Canon Law (Jan. 2015)

Prof. Lucia Silecchia, Law (Sept. 2015)

Prof. Angela Knobel, Philosophy (Jan. 2016)

Prof. Patrick Tuite, Drama, Arts & Sciences (Jan. 2016)

Mr. Vin Lacovara, Compliance Office (Sept. 2015)