The Catholic University of America

The Undergraduate Board

The Academic Senate has delegated to the Undergraduate Board general supervision over specific matters relating to undergraduate study, parallel to the responsibilities of the Graduate Board (above). The Undergraduate Board reports its recommendations to the Academic Senate. The Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies is the Chair of the Undergraduate Board ex officio. Members are appointed by the Academic Senate upon the joint recommendation of the Chair of the Undergraduate Board and the Dean of the School from which the appointment is made. Each School is represented on the Undergraduate Board by a number of members equal to the number of its faculty delegates in the Academic Senate. Deans are eligible for membership on the Board. The terms of office coincide with those of the delegates to the Academic Senate.

Faculty participation on the Undergraduate Board is as follows: Architecture - one member; Arts & Sciences - seven members; and one each from Engineering, Metropolitan College, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS), Business & Economics and Theology and Religious Studies. One undergraduate student serves on the Board. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies chairs this committee.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, ex officio.

Dr. Lynn Mayer, Chairman


Ms. Hollee Becker 

Arts & Sciences: 

Dr. Agnes Cave

Dr. Deborah Clawson

Dr. Tobias Gregory

Dr. Laura Mayhall

Dr. Patrick Tuite

Dr. Pamela Tuma

Steve West

Dr. John White

Business and Economics     

Dr. Reza Saidi                                                                                                    


Dr. Erion Plaku

Dr. Sang Wook Lee

Metropolitan College:

Mr. William J. Buracker


Dr. Andrew Weaver


Dr. Janet Gehring


Dr. Matthias Vorwerk


Dr. Laura Daughtery

Theology and Religious Studies:

Dr. Mark Clark

Dr. Christopher Ruddy

USG Representative: