The Catholic University of America

The Unit Standards Committee

The Unit Standards Committee is comprised of 13 members. The members will be elected by individual schools for 3-year terms. Each of the eleven Schools with full-time faculty will have one representative on the Unit Standards Committee except the School of Arts and Sciences, which shall have three members. The members from Arts and Sciences will be selected as follows: one each from humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The committee will elect a chair from among its members.

The committee is initially tasked with investigating the various policies, practices, and common understandings pertaining to faculty workload among the Schools and disciplines. Further, the committee will seek to determine teaching equivalencies for other work outside the classroom relevant to particular disciplines, such as strong research contributions including but not limited to undergraduate research supervision, thesis/dissertation guidance, certain service contributions, and administrative responsibilities. Recommendations should be provided to the Provost and the Deans by the end of each fall semester by means of an annual report to the Academic Senate. 

Prof. Carlos Reimers, Architecture and Planning (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Laura Mayhall, History, Arts and Sciences (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Kiran Bhutani, Mathematics, Arts and Sciences (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Gianfranco Piras, Economics, Arts and Sciences (Jan. 2019)

Dr. John Arege, Business (Jan. 2019)

Dr. John Beal, Canon Law (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Sang Wook Lee, Engineering (Jan. 2019)

Prof. Marin Scordato, Law (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Andrew Weaver, Music, Drama, and Art (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Melissa Grady, NCSSS (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Nalini Jairath, Nursing (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Michael Gorman, Philosophy (Jan. 2019)

Dr. Robin Darling Young, Theology and Religious Studies (Jan. 2019)